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Hubig’s Pies Should Be Hitting the Shelves Sooner Than Expected — Here’s Where to Get Yours

They were initially set to hit New Orleans grocery stores on Monday, but residents may have to wait a few more days

Six wrapped Hubig’s Pies, in chocolate, lemon, peach, blueberry, coconut, and apple.
Hubig’s Pies has returned after a decade-long wait.
Hubig’s Pies

Just days after a Hubig’s Pies hiring post sent New Orleanians into a tizzy of anticipation, the company has pulled off the surprise of the decade by bringing back the beloved confection sooner than expected.

On Sunday, November 6, Hubig’s owners shocked residents when they popped up on South Carrollton Avenue, just blocks from where attendees were set to flood the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival, to sling lemon and apple Hubig’s Pies, two of the brand’s most popular flavors. Owner Drew Ramsay says they sold out of at least 9,000 pies on Sunday; first, an initial run of 7,000 to 7,500 by 12:30 p.m., Ramsay told Uptown Messenger, followed by an additional 2,000 that were “rushed” to the site from the production facility.

For those who missed the hours-long window on Sunday, Hubig’s Pies told various news outlets that lemon and apple pies were set to hit several area grocery stores on Monday, November 7, including Rouses, Robert’s, Winn-Dixie, Dorignac’s, and Zuppardo’s. As of Monday morning, however, customer service representatives at all five stores said they did not receive deliveries Monday, with one saying the store was told there was a “production error” at the factory, and another saying they were told a machine at the facility broke, preventing Monday’s distribution. Some customer service representatives, though, said they still anticipated receiving deliveries from the company this week. Eater has reached out to Hubig’s for an update on when the product is expected to hit New Orleans-area stores.

Hubig’s Pies was founded in 1921, and had since become known as a staple New Orleans confection alongside beignets and pralines until a five-alarm fire destroyed its Marigny factory in 2012. For the decade following, Otto and Drew Ramsey, along with Drew’s family, have worked to revive the brand, but a number of false starts over the years left residents skeptical over its return — making Sunday’s pop-up all the more surprising.

Hubig’s debuted a new website over the weekend, where customers can order a box of a dozen lemon, apple, or mix-and-match for $60 (boxes were available for order Monday morning). Other hand pie flavors, like chocolate, coconut, peach, and pineapple, as well as seasonal flavors like sweet potato, blueberry, and cherry, will be available soon, according to the website.

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