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Insomnia Cookies Brings Late-Night Dessert Delivery to Uptown Universities

Good news for Tulane and Loyola students

Insomnia Cookies on Maple Street
Stephanie Carter/ENOLA

Insomnia Cookies, a late-night cookie shop and delivery service with over 100 locations around the U.S., finally opened last week on a university-adjacent stretch of Maple Street after a delay in its projected Fall 2018 opening.

Because college students need more body-wrecking options right at their fingertips, Insomnia is delivering to Tulane University, Loyola University and the surrounding area until 3 a.m. nightly. Cookies come by the half-dozen in boxes reminiscent of the donut variety, in an expected but wide range of flavors like snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, sugar, etc. You can even use an Insomnia Cookie app and track your delivery, though early reviews indicate some first-week glitches.

The entrepreneurial chain is the brainchild of University of Pennsylvania graduate Seth Berkowitz, who opened his first shop after witnessing a demand for late-night sweets by fellow students.

The New Orleans location of Insomnia Cookies is in the longtime home of Maple Street Book Shop at 7527 Maple Street, open everyday from either 9 or 10 a.m. to 3 a.m.

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Insomnia Cookies

7527 Maple Street, New Orleans , Louisiana 70118 Visit Website