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For Its Third Act, a Rampart Street Pizza Place Is Serving Flaming Pies

The funky, art-focused restaurant at 740 N. Rampart is now called Rampart Treehouse

Rampart Treehouse/Facebook

Originally called 10 Foot Pizza, then Red Truck Clubhouse, the restaurant at 740 N. Rampart Street featuring a replica of a magnolia tree has been reinvented for a third time. And in a move that will surely help distinguish it from previous versions, the now-named Rampart Treehouse is serving up tableside flambé pizza.

Michelle Healey bought the restaurant after she spent six months consulting with former owners Noah Antieau and Nic Reddy, who opened 10 Foot Pizza in the spring of 2018. The pair also (formerly) ran Red Truck Gallery, and created the restaurant to serve as an extension of the French Quarter street art gallery. They also previously ran Lonesome’s Pizza in Portland, but it closed in 2017.

The original owners filled the space with artwork, wall murals and astroturf, and an installation of an enormous faux magnolia tree with 500 hand-painted blossoms in the center of its bar — all of which remains.

Healey saw room to perfect the pizza, and jumped at ownership when the opportunity arose. After nailing a tweaked recipe, she had the idea to set the pizza on fire. In her research, she found only one other spot — in Mumbai, India — claiming such a feat.

Deciding she’d “only do it if it improved the flavor profile, and not just for show,” she experimented with different liquors, proofs, and flames, finally landing on brandy. Aptly named the “Flambeaux,” Healey says it has a great smoky flavor.

In another move sure to set Healey apart, she’s offering paid volunteer hours to employees, and will buy New Orleans residents a slice and a beer if they can bring in proof of 3 community service hours. Healey says that “having the privilege to share the French Quarter” means she’s indebted to serve the community “beyond just good food and drinks.”

Rampart Treehouse serves regular whole pies in addition to the flaming one, including a Hawaiian and vegan option, and slices are available for takeout ($4 for cheese, $5 for pepperoni and a daily special slice). A seitan sandwich, BLT, and salads complete the offerings.

Rampart Treehouse is open noon to 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, and noon to 4 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

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