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Rouler Bike/Coffee Shop Reaches the End of the Road

It closed in the CBD on Sunday


The CBD’s coffee cafe and bike shop mash-up, Rouler, closed its doors for good this past Sunday, September 23. Eater New Orleans’ repeatedly called the two-year old cafe one of the city’s top coffee shops.

Owner Wes McWhorter hinted on Facebook that though this is the end of the line for the cafe and bike shop, it might not be the end of the Rouler brand. “...I believe it will give us an opportunity to reset after a period and get back to the core of what has made this brand stand out in the marketplace; our performance apparel, our events and our curated experiences.”

McWhorter opened the cafe in May 2016 — pouring both coffee and booze, selling cycling clothes and supplies, fixing broken bikes, and offering plenty of space to hang out.

In the same Facebook post, he said he doesn’t regret the decision to open the shop.

“It has changed me in ways I would not have imagined and provided a vehicle for me to teach my children the importance of following your dreams and doing what you believe in.”

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