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Italy’s Acclaimed Bonci Pizzeria Is Coming to New Orleans

Anthony Bourdain was a fan

Bonci Chicago

Acclaimed Italian chef Gabriele Bonci is bringing Bonci Pizzeria to the The Julia, a $50 million mixed-use development in the New Orleans Warehouse District, joining Oprah-backed True Food Kitchen, according to the Eater tipline and The Julia website.

Bonci made its American debut in Chicago just last summer, but Gabriele Bonci made a name in Rome years before that with Pizzerium Bonci (near the Vatican museum’s entrance) with his emblematic pizza al taglio (sliced up with scissors and sold by weight). In Rome, seekers of the pizza endure long lines for a taste of the heirloom wheat-based dough topped with produce from biodynamic sources and artisanal cured meats and cheeses.

Anthony Bourdain was a big fan of Pizzerium as well. “Your life would be so much better if you have this right now. Leave your family. Abandon your children,” Bourdain said on the first season of The Layover. Pizzerium is also one of Eater’s Essential Roman restaurants.

Eater Chicago describes Bonci’s Roman-style crust as “reminiscent of focaccia without the soft middle,” made with ingredients shipped from Italy.

Bonci joins a number of big deal restaurants heading to the Warehouse District. Donald Link’s restaurant group is opening its own Italian restaurant, Gianna. And the popular health-conscious food chain backed by Oprah, True Food Kitchen, will open in The Julia as well.

The New Orleans Bonci will be the third in the U.S. There are two in Chicago. There’s no word yet on an opening date.

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730 Julia Street, New Orleans, Louisiana Visit Website