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A Familiar Cuban Restaurant Will Open Again this October

The shuttered Que Rico! finds a new home

Que Rico!/Facebook

New Orleans is getting an infusion of a familiar flavor and name — Que Rico! Cuban Restaurant is slated to open on Magazine Street this October, reports Que Rico! should sound familiar to local fans of Cuban eats — this is the same shop that closed down in Slidell back in March of 2017.

Iderlin Donna Rivera co-owns Que Rico! with her husband Richard. Rivera told that the pair searched for a Slidell location “for months,” unfortunately finding nothing. Que Rico! left Slidell unwillingly — the restaurant was unable to renew its lease, says a post from the restaurant’s Facebook page. The post says there was “NO REASON” (emphasis theirs) for the lack of lease renewal. The new Magazine Street incarnation of Que Rico! is taking over the spot formerly occupied by Saucy’s BBQ and is about the same size of the original Que Rico! — before the couple enlarged the space.

Dear customers/friends/family Thank you so much for ALL of your comments. It means a LOT to our family that you have shown us so much love, appreciation and enjoy our cooking! ❤️ That’s what we work hard for! Thank you!! Thank you!! . We look forward to seeing our old customers and also meeting new ones. I have to say.. Magazine/NOLA has received us with open arms and we are excited to be part of your community!! We also know that many are upset with our decision to leave Slidell and it’s understandable, we were too . It was not our fault that we close down. . We built our home and life around our business here in Slidell, and never planned on leaving. Almost 9 yrs we were at our old spot, we could of retired there! Unfortunately, It just did not work out that way. Many many of you ask me “what happened”? I wish we had a real answer on why?! Because there was absolutely NO REASON for the landlord’s son not to have renewed our lease. Many of you wonder and ask me... “Was it because he raised the rent???? NO. He didn’t even give us that choice either....he could of raised our rent drastically and we would of paid it because we invested so much in remodeling that property and more importantly it was our livelihood! So yes we would still be there if it wasn’t for .....him. Now it’s time for us to move on and we need to reopen, ideally we would of loved to stay in Slidell. We live here. We just could not find the right location at this time BUT who’s to say we won’t in the future and we can AGAIN reopen Que Rico #1 in Slidell . Thank you again for all your love and support!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ And we look forward to serving you once again!

Posted by Que Rico! Cuban Cafe on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The menu will also be familiar to anyone who has visited the original Que Rico! — tamales, ropa vieja, a tasty Cuban sandwich; a slight menu expansion should see more dishes added, including some salads.

The new Que Rico! is slated to open in October at 4200 Magazine Street.