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Petite Rouge Coffee Is Opening Its First Permanent Cafe This September

It previously only operated out of an adorable, red 1970s Citroen truck


After taking its coffee and tea to the streets for three years in a vintage red 1970s Citroen H-Van, Petite Rouge is settling down in a new home just off Claiborne near Tulane’s stadium with plans to open in early September, reports Todd Price.

The area is already home to Elio’s Wine, Felipe’s Taqueria, and the newly opened Uptown home of Cuban favorite El Libre.

Petite Rouge comes from bartender Julie Anne Pieri and film industry worker Kurt Schmiederer. According to the business’ website, the pair started selling coffee out of the cute automobile after “Kurt could not find a decent cup of coffee on a Louisiana filmset to save his life.”

Petite Rouge isn’t retiring the Citroen though. It’ll still roam the streets along with its new baby blue brother.

Along with coffee beans from New Orleans roaster French Truck Coffee, milk from Mississippi’s Mauthe’s Progress Milk Barn, and sugar from Youngsville’s Three Brother’s Farm, the new cafe will expand its menu to include food.

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Petite Rouge

3146 Calhoun St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70125