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Beignet Cafe Morning Call’s Future Still Unclear After Judge’s Ruling

The beignet battle is over (for now?)

Morning Call/Facebook

The battle of the beignets might finally be (mostly) over — Judge Christopher Bruno has ruled in favor of Morning Call, reports Judge Bruno has nullified both the lease that City Park awarded to Cafe du Monde — and the bidding process itself.

For those following the saga even slightly, the details are familiar. City Park opened up bidding for the beignet stall that Morning Call has occupied since 2012. Three shops — Morning Call, Cafe du Monde and Cafe Beignet — all bid, Morning Call’s being the highest by a small margin. While Cafe du Monde’s bid was slightly lower than Morning Call’s, their bid ultimately won them the lease. City Park officials disqualified Morning Call’s bid because of a missed meeting that was deemed mandatory. Morning Call subsequently filed suit against City Park over the location (it’s worth noting that Morning Call had closed their Metairie location in order to focus on this, their last remaining, location.)

Judge Bruno ultimately sided with Morning Call, finding that each of the bids from the beignet shops actually missed some part of the bidding requirements, and that it was unfair to single out Morning Call. Judge Bruno felt that missing the mandatory meeting wasn’t considered “substantial” noncompliance.

While the judge has ruled in favor of Morning Call, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cafe will keep its City Park doors open — though it is for now. The future of the beignet cafe in City Park is uncertain, though Morning Call certainly has good reason to celebrate (and, perhaps, hope.)