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The Crazy Lobster Has Closed

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Is nearby construction the culprit?

The Crazy Lobster Official

The Crazy Lobster, the Spanish Plaza seafood spot, has closed. The windows are painted over and the furniture is completely gone. The Crazy Lobster served traditional New Orleans dishes — jambalaya, red beans & rice with smoked sausage — and wild cocktails like a “bacon bloody mary” made of bacon vodka.

Stephanie Carter

The loss of such a touristy spot isn’t exactly a reason for extreme mourning, but it’s a kind of cherry on top of a difficult and weird year for the team behind The Crazy Lobster. Restaurateurs Anthony Tusa and Anna Tusa own(ed) The Crazy Lobster and were the force behind bringing (hotly anticipated restaurant) Briquette-opening chef Robert Vasquez to New Orleans. Vasquez closed his popular North Shore restaurant Opal Basil to open Briquette — it was promised that Opal Basil would open next door to Briquette. The NOLA Opal Basil wasn’t operating by the time Vasquez left; the space was retooled and opened as Cajun Cookery. Hosie Bourgeois then stepped into the chef spot at Briquette, debuting a new menu, but Bourgeois left the restaurant two months ago.

It’s unclear exactly why the touristy spot closed — though it’s worth mentioning that the Spanish Plaza has been under construction for what seems like forever. The Crazy Lobster wasn’t super visible and also hard to get to during that time.

Stephanie Carter