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Still No Word on Fate of Morning Call in City Park

The drama continues.

Beam C./Yelp

It’s still unclear whether or not Morning Call will stay in the City Park location it has occupied since 2012, reports WWLTV. After a five-hour-long hearing — concerning the lawsuit Morning Call brought against City Park back in late June — Civil District Court Judge Christopher Bruno told the court he would make a decision on the beignet slinger’s fate within three days.

Morning Call’s lawsuit against City Park claimed that the park’s bidding process for its Casino Building location unfairly left out the longtime tenant. Morning Call offered the highest bid for the location — which the company says itself should have been the cincher — but also missed a mandatory pre-bid meeting, which ultimately meant that the contract was awarded to second-highest bidder, Cafe du Monde.

Morning Call’s lawyers state that the pre-bid meeting — which was missed because of a smartphone “glitch” — is not required by state bid law. City Park’s representation says, hey, it was part of the bidding process — and since they’ve already signed a lease with Cafe du Monde, that can’t be undone.

Morning Call has been allowed to operate in its Casino Building location while the drama plays out in court. That could soon come to an end — or not, depending on what Judge Bruno decides.

For what it’s worth, City Park is pretty sure they’re in the right. The park told WWLTV that they’re preparing for a new tenant, ahem, Cafe du Monde, in that space.

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