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Momo Ramen + Poke Closes After Just Three Months

The trend-melding shop opened earlier this year

Momo Ramen + Poke/Facebook

Just three months after it swung open its doors, Momo Ramen + Poke has served its last meal. Momo closed on Thursday, June 7, reports Todd A. Price at

Momo opened at 632 S. Carrollton Ave. in Riverbend back in March, with a menu of poke, ramen (five types, including one vegan option), and grilled Asian delicacies, like Asian barbecue ribs. Momo represented the crest of the ramen wave in NOLA.

Tony Zheng, mastermind behind Sake Cafe Uptown, opened Momo; a spokesperson for the restaurant told that Zheng will be seeking out another space — hopefully with more foot traffic — for Momo. Zheng’s Momo business partners plan to reuse the space, without Zheng.

The S. Carrollton Ave. space has not been without some trouble itself — Momo was replacing Batture, a Creole restaurant that operated for just six months. In July 2017, Batture replaced decades-running burger joint O’Henry’s.

Momo Ramen & Poke

632 Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA