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Café du Monde Is Taking Over Morning Call’s Space in City Park

Is this the end for the 150-year old company?

Cafe du Monde/Facebook

City Park will soon have a new slinger of beignets and coffee: Café du Monde. The brand is taking over the space previously occupied by Morning Call Coffee Stand, according to a press release from City Park. Morning Call had been operating in City Park since 2012.

Back in May, City Park — which gets no tax dollars from the city — opened up bids for a 10-year lease on the park’s “Casino Building,” hoping to raise revenue. Café du Monde and Cafe Beignet both stepped in with bids. While Morning Call also made a bid — pledging more in rent than the others — there were extras, like landscaping and marketing, that likely pushed du Monde’s bid into the winning slot.

It’s been a decidedly rough spring for Morning Call — the company closed their Metairie location in late April, after 40 years in operation. While the owners have pledged that the brand will go on — they’re looking for more spaces elsewhere — it’s unclear where or when that might happen. Morning Call Coffee Stand got its start in 1870.

Morning Call Coffee Stand

5101 Canal Boulevard, , LA 70124 (504) 459-2086 Visit Website

Cafe Du Monde

800 Decatur St, , LA 70116 (504) 525-4544 Visit Website