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Chef Chris DeBarr Just Took Over the Kitchen at Revel

And Chris McMillian may get the corn dog he’s always wanted on the menu

Josh Brasted

Chef Chris DeBarr, who became well-known for his globetrotting cuisine at Delachaise wine bar, Green Goddess, Serendipity, and, most recently, Bywater Bakery, has joined forces with Chris and Laura McMillian at their Mid City cocktail gem, Revel.

“It’s an irresistible project for me, as I love cooking my style of globetrotting, adventurous, soul food in bar settings, and I have all the admiration in the world for the McMillans,” DeBarr told Eater NOLA.

The three have been friends for years, at least since DeBarr cooked for the McMillians at Delachaise (he’d feed them late, after they got off of work).

According to DeBarr, he’s a regular at Revel and happened to be there enjoying a drink the same day chef Nick Vella gave his notice (he’s headed to the Savoy Grill in Kansas City).

He’ll be bringing back the Spanish roasted vegetables dish he used to make at Delachaise, with fresh goat cheese, Creole spice-rubbed roasted eggplant, roasted red and yello peppers, Vidalia onions baked in balsamic vinegar, and pesto.

The summer menu will include a rotating roster of chilled soups, like the corn vichyssoise that’s on the menu now (topped with a dollop of warm crawfish and corn stew.)

And, Chris McMillian is finally getting that corn dog he’s always wanted on Revel’s menu. DeBarr says he’s toying around with a crawfish and pork sausage corn dog that he plans to serve with a spicy roasted tomato remoulade that he calls “frim fram sauce.”

He’s adding some desserts too, like a boozy pecan horchata with strawberry purée, rice calas filled with honeyed goat cheese, and banana caramel cake.

“I’m really excited about that one as I’ve always wanted to make a killer banana dessert that wasn’t bananas Foster,” DeBarr said.

Under DeBarr, Revel will extend its kitchen hours (at least to midnight). He hopes to get the new hours in place before Tales of the Cocktail hits town this July.

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