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Former Kin Ramen Chef Will Open a Ramen Shop of His Own in the Lower Garden District

Ramen insanity continues

Ramen with smoked chashu pork belly with bamboo shoots, scallions, fried garlic, and egg

The opening chef at Kin, Nhat “Nate” Nguyen, will open his own ramen shop in the Lower Garden District by the end of 2018. Todd Price reports that Union Ramen in slated to open in the former Jim Russell’s Rare Records on Magazine Street, pending city approval for the restaurant.

The Vietnamese-born and NOLA-raised chef will make all his ramen with chicken broth. The menu will also include poké, another hot food trend.

It’s not the first restaurant in New Orleans to combine these two food trends: Momo Ramen and Poké threw open its doors on Carrollton in mid-March.

Currently, Union Ramen operates as a pop-up.

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Union Ramen

1837 Magazine St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 Visit Website