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Critics Praise Vyoone’s French Cuisine with Creole Accents

The French onion soup is a winner


Helen Freund dined at Vyoone’s — which Zohreh Khaleghi, previously of Flaming Torch, opened in January with Vyoone Segue Lewis — and gushes about the ambience, calling the French eatery both “chic” and “charming” in equal measure. Freund calls the Warehouse District restaurant — situated at 412 Girod Street — one of the neighborhood’s best-kept secrets, owing to its romantic atmosphere (think: cushy couches on the patio, hanging pendant lights.)

The restaurant’s French-with-Creole-elements menu also impressed the critic. Particularly, a classic indulgent soup somehow made even more gluttonous.

French influences, however, speak the loudest. Restaurant staff recommend the French onion soup, a decadent homage to the Gallic classic. It is almost viscous with soft, glutinous onions, and the velvety broth tastes beefy. A crusty piece of toast is topped by a cap of melted cheese that’s broiled until crisp, giving diners the pleasure of cracking it open with the tip of a spoon, the way one might start a creme brulee.

The Creole influences mean layering short ribs on a bed of grits, or serving crawfish beignets. The only complaint? The pricing — Fruend didn’t appreciate the $46 price tag on a chicory-roasted rack of lamb. Overall, though, the critic was extremely impressed with the menu, saying it’s unlikely that this hidden gem will remain under the radar for long. [GAMBIT]

Tom Fitzmorris also visited Vyoone’s. The critic called the aforementioned crawfish beignets “irresistible.” He also says the coq au vin can’t be beat. His only complaint? The underdeveloped wine list: “The wine list is just getting started, so don’t come here to make vinous discoveries just yet.” [CITY BUSINESS]


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