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The Simpsons Are Back in NOLA For Jazz Fest in an Upcoming Episode

Homer’s t-shirt asks, ‘Who fat?’

Simpson’s Facebook

The Simpsons will visit New Orleans for a Jazz Fest episode on April 22, the second visit to the Crescent City for the fictional family in its nearly 30 year run.

In the 1992 “A Streetcar Named Marge,” the show famously trashed New Orleans in its raucous song proclaiming New Orleans a “stinking, rotten vomity pile,” but they didn’t actually go to New Orleans. The show’s characters did visit New Orleans in 1997’s “Simpson’s Spinoff Showcase,” when Chief Wiggum and son Ralph plan to “clean up the city” and eventually run into the Simpson family at Mardi Gras.

There are few clues to the content of the upcoming episode, called “Lisa Gets the Blues,” but The Times Picayune’s Mike Scott takes a closer look at the three stills released so far to find a few references to New Orleans food and food businesses.

In one still, Homer Simpson takes a selfie while holding a dish piled high with shrimp. Scott guesses it may be étouffée, but it’s looks a little more like shrimp remoulade because of the bed of greens below the pile of shrimp or just a big heap of boiled shrimp.

The building in the background is the similar blue as that of Commander’s Palace, but the window unit and gray metal tables near the front door also indicate that it may be a more casual restaurant than Commander’s or maybe a combination of several iconic New Orleans eateries.

Scott magnifies a Bourbon Street still and places it next to a shot of the same spot on Bourbon (the 200 block at the intersection of Bourbon and Bienville) to find the Old Absinthe House’s undeniable architectural details (though no sign) and Tony Moran’s, a restaurant at 240 Bourbon that is no longer open (in this case, there is a sign).

Food is always a big theme in the Simpsons (there’s an entire Instagram account dedicated to the food of the Simpsons), so its conceivable that there will be a lot more New Orleans foods featured in the episode.

And most telling of all, Homer Simpson’s shirt plays with the phrase “Who dat?” Instead, it asks, “Who Fat?”

The episode is scheduled to air April 22, about a week before the real Jazz Fest kicks off.

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Commander's Palace

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