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Ted Brennan’s Decatur Says Its Final Goodbye

It was a bumpy road for the permanently shuttered restaurant

Ted Brennan's Decatur Photo: Ted Brennan's Decatur/Facebook

Ted Brennan’s Decatur has closed its doors again, but this time it’s permanent: The property has been seized by creditors and is now for lease, reports Where Y’at.

Ted Brennan’s Decatur was riddled with issues since it first opened its doors this past August. One of the biggest problems facing the 12,000 square foot restaurant at 309 Decatur Street was a major landlord dispute — namely, eviction threats and legal proceedings. The restaurant fell behind on rent just two months after opening. Its bank, First NBC, failed and the restaurant couldn’t get funding elsewhere.

The restaurant closed temporarily, citing those problems, as well as the water issues caused by the winter’s deep freeze. The restaurant also reported that its chef, Lazone Randolph, was having health problems. The closure was short-lived and it re-opened a month ago, just in time for Mardi Gras. That too was short-lived though.

Just a few weeks after that though, co-owner page Bridget Brennan Tyrrell posted a foreboding note that was then reposted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “The enemy wouldn’t be attacking you if something very valuable wasn’t inside of you. Thieves don’t break into empty houses. YOU got a purpose!” She followed it with the comment: “This makes sense to some right now, and will make sense to others later.”

Ted Brennan’s Decatur was meant to be a second chance for restaurateur Ted Brennan after foreclosure and bankruptcy forced him out of Brennan’s Restaurant on Royal Street, though Brennan died a year before it opened.

The owners were not immediately available for comment.

Ted Brennan's Decatur

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Ted Brennan's Decatur Restaurant

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