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The Photos From Mr. Okra’s Second Line Are Moving, Colorful, and Beautiful

Plus, more top food news to know today

Mr. Okra
Josh Brasted

RIP — A visitation was held for Arthur Robinson, more commonly known as Mr. Okra, over the weekend followed by a second line. The Gambit shot some stunning photos of the second line. [GAMBIT]

Meanwhile, NOLA.COM has a video of the second line here. [NOLA.COM]

EXPANSIONS — NOLA native John Currence is expanding Big Bad Breakfast across the South. While it’s not currently on the books, a NOLA rendition “isn’t out of the question.” [E]

(ILLEGAL) EXPANSIONS — Strip club Scores illegally expanded into the Beerfest bar by cutting a hole in the wall so that dancers could go into third floor rooms for private dances. An actual hole in the wall. [NOLA.COM]

EXPANSIONS — CC’S Coffee House is now brewing in Shreveport. The company expects to triple the number of its stores over the next two years in several areas across the Gulf South. [CITY BUSINESS]

INTERVIEWS — Ray Gumpert, a Louisiana native and Emeril lifer who is now Emeril’s wine director, dishes on that time at work when he was truly “petrified” on the job. [WINE SPECTATOR]

DINING ALONE — Tom Fitzmorris weighs in on the best places to dine alone: “Any [restaurant] that has a counter on the other side which is their kitchen.” [WWL.COM]

CRAWFISH WIRE — It’s clear when crawfish season has hit its peak by just watching the calendar for crawfish festivals. Here’s a list of a bunch to look out for. [NOLA.COM]