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Nephew Ristorante Will Resurrect Classic Dishes From Tony Angello’s

Tony Angello’s nephew/chef Frank Catalanotto will open it in old Caffe Fresca space

Nephew will take over the strip shopping center space that was Caffe Fresca

Tony Angello’s, longtime Italian favorite in Lakeview, will make a comeback of sorts when Angello’s nephew, Frank Catalanotto, opens Nephew’s in Metairie this March, reports Ian McNulty. Catalanotto, former executive chef at Tony Angello’s, starting working for his uncle in 1972. He knows the dishes and he knows the regulars.

Tony Angello’s closed on Christmas Eve in 2016 after a 40-year run, just a year after Angello died in at age 88. Rizutto’s opened in its place after a renovation on the building brightened it up and brought it into the modern era. But many still held a candle for that old-school Louisiana Italian restaurant that barely changed in its four decade run.

Those still reeling from the closure will be pleased to see many of their old favorites on the menu at Nephew’s: eggplant Tina, crab gravy, cannelloni, lobster cup, and stuffed shrimp. Catalanotto will also give some dishes he ran as specials at Tony Angello’s a permanent spot on the menu. And, diners can simply say “feed me,” a beloved option at Angello’s that includes small plate after small plate until the diner cries “uncle,” according to the report.

Nephew’s Ristorante will open at 4445 W. Metairie Ave.


4445 W. Metairie Ave, Metairie, Louisiana