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After More Than Seven Years, Chef Martha Wiggins Departs Sylvain

Sylvain has already named a new chef


Martha Wiggins, the celebrated executive chef at Sylvain, will leave after seven and a half years at the French Quarter restaurant. Ben McCauley, who was executive chef at Phillip Lopez’s Monkey Board and Petit Lion before becoming sous chef at Shaya and Domenica, will take her place, reports Ian McNulty.

Wiggins moved into the executive chef position at Sylvain in 2014, after opening chef Alex Harrell left to open his own restaurant, Angeline. Wiggins had worked under Harrell for years as sous chef, and started at Sylvain in 2010 (when it opened). The position was her first executive chef gig.

Her main reason for leaving is that she felt it was time to step out of her “comfort zone,” she said in an interview with Todd Price. Wiggins plans to take some time to travel after helping with the transition at Sylvain.


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