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Lakeview Harbor Is Closed (For Now at Least)

The owners promise this is just a blip and that the restaurant will reopen, somewhere.

Lakeview Harbor/Facebook

There was fair warning about this, and now it’s official: Lakeview Harbor is closed, relays Ian McNulty at The Advocate. Back in July, Eater NOLA reported that Lakeview Harbor had lost its lease at 911 Harrison Ave., and that it would expire on January 31, 2018 (which was yesterday.) That day has come.

Lakeview Harbor’s owners told McNulty that they will reopen, though they can’t say where just yet, as they’re still working out those details. Meanwhile, the Harrison Ave. space has new stewards: brothers Blake and Brandon Bennett. If what the brothers told McNulty back in July still stands, it sounds like the location won’t change too much — the pair want to sling burgers (plus wine.) It’s possible that plan has changed, McNulty admits.

Lakeview Harbor — which opened in 1993 and is known for putting shredded cheese on top of its burgers — isn’t the only recent closing in the neighborhood. The Lakeview location of Koz’s closed earlier this month.

More details on Lakeview Harbor’s move if and when it comes.

Lakeview Harbor

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