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Starting Today, It’s Going to Be a Lot Harder to Get a Dong Phuong King Cake

Potential scalping and insane demand signal a change in king cake distribution.

Keeno G./Yelp

Starting today, king cakes from the James Beard award-winning Vietnamese bakery Dong Phuong will only be available at Dong Phuong, reports The Advocate.

Dong Phuong’s king cakes are decidedly some of the best in town — topping Eater’s list for NOLA’s faves — which helps explain a few of the reasons why the confections will only be available at the restaurant/bakery’s location at 14207 Chef Menteur Highway.

There were rumors of king cake scalpers — people buying the cakes, which Dong Phuong sells for $14, or filled for $16 and then reselling them for $60. “If it’s true, I don’t feel sorry for that person,” Dong Phuong’s president Linh Garza told The Advocate. “Why would anyone pay that much for a king cake?”

Garza told The Advocate that the bakery makes 1,000 king cakes a day — with 400 ready to go when the Dong Phuong opens for the day at 8 a.m.; these tend to be sold out by 10 a.m. Dong Phuong previously distributed the cakes to more than 10 locations, and now, due to this insane demand, the bakery’s limiting sales on-site to two per person.

Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery

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