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Here’s a New App to Search for Happy Hours in New Orleans

Streamline those after-work drinks

Happy hour drinks and snacks at Wayfare

A new app is hoping to streamline your afterwork drinking routine by gathering all of New Orleans’ happy hours in one place.

Named Drinker’s Edition, it’s billed as a “happy hour search engine” — and it’s now active, with some 400 bars and restaurants listed on it. The app is New Orleans based, so it’s the first city where it’s being released.

It comes from a trio of Tulane University grads: Cary Greenwood, Noah Stambovsky, and Sam Stein. In college, the three compiled happy hours in a spreadsheet, and eventually realized that it was a useful resource. It become a website first, NOLA on the Rocks (now defunct), and then the app itself, which started testing this summer and is fully now up and running.

A screenshot of the app, as someone searches for bottomless drinks
Drinker’s Edition/Official

Drinker’s Edition has various search options — users can look for happy hours nearby, ones that are going on right now, or popular spots among other users.

As an incentive to use the app, there’s also deals on offer — if you pay a dollar, the app unlocks a deal for 2-for-1 pizza at Pizza Domenica (for example), or 2-for-1 beer at Wayfare — this is set to evolve into a subscription-like service costing $5 per month at some point in the future.

Then you can also get deals for free, for example, by writing positive reviews on a bar’s Facebook page to unlock them, which is, uh, one way for venues to get good write-ups.

Drinker’s Edition is now avaliable on the Google and Apple app stores.

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