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Sue Zemanick Names Her Restaurant, Plans to Open Next Month

The award-winning former Gautreau’s chef will start serving in December

Chef Sue Zemanick/Facebook

James Beard award-winning chef Sue Zemanick is preparing to debut in Mid-City, as she has now given her restaurant a name and set a rough timeline for opening.

Per the Times-Picayune, Zemanick has named her restaurant Zasu, a reference to her Czech heritage. The restaurant, located in the former Rue 127 space on N Carrollton Avenue, is set to open sometime in December (although Zemanick hasn’t given an exact date yet).

After 12 years as as the renowned executive chef at Gautreau’s, Zasu is Zemanick’s first restaurant of her own. It’s set to be a neighborhood spot, with a menu centered around seafood and vegetables, and while Zemanick has been doing Indonesian-style pop-ups and dinners over the last couple of years, it’s not clear if she’s going to continue that culinary approach at Zasu.

She’s been dropping small peeks at the restaurant on Facebook and Twitter over recent months — mostly of construction at the Zasu site, but with the odd nugget of food porn, including a fresh-looking octopus salad. Possible menu item? That’s yet to be determined.

If the options are Trick or Treat and this is the treat, then I’m going with TREAT! #happyhalloween #sue127

Posted by Chef Sue Zemanick on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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