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The Low-Carb Craze Goes a Step Too Far With Cauliflower Boudin

It’s real — and it has arrived

Cauliflower boudin from Hebert’s

Several butchers and restaurants have unleashed a a low-carb diet-friendly version of the classic Cajun rice and pork sausage boudin — but not everyone’s thrilled about it. The latest addition to the keto-diet craze is “cauliflower boudin,” a mock version of the sausage that’s made by T-Boy’s of Mamou and Eunice, Hebert’s Specialty Meats, Cormier in Jennings, and NuNu’s Fresh Market in Youngsville.

Creative alternatives to the traditional boudin recipe aren’t new, at least in the New Orleans area. Emeril Lagasse’s annual Boudin, Bourbon, and Beer bash (on November 9 this year) saw both Nashville hot chicken boudin and vegan smoked beet boudin last year.

But most keep the rice as a defining ingredient. The cauliflower version does away with the rice completely, substituting it with riced cauliflower and more meat.

Louisiana rice farmers aren’t amused. “Cauliflower Boudin? That’s Sacrilege,” reads the headline for a post on

Meanwhile, many other online reviews and comments from people who have tried it have been pretty positive, but most agree that — while okay — the low-carb version’s flavor and texture aren’t like the real thing.

“Cauliflower or not, boudin will never be ‘healthy’ so you may as well dive in with the whole sin and repent later,” TIGERFANZZ said on a

The rice farms are probably safe for now.

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