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The Blind Pelican Slams Its Doors Shut Amid Heated Owner Dispute

One owner claims the other was “intoxicated virtually every waking hour for the entire life of the company”


Ignore the sign on The Blind Pelican’s door that says it’s closed for “kitchen repairs.”

It seems like the 24/7 St. Charles Avenue bar known for dirt-cheap oysters and plenty of outdoor seating has slammed its doors shut because of a heated dispute between the owners (who were dating until 2017), according to Ian McNulty.

Co-owner Karen Brown filed a lawsuit against business partner Steven Seeber last week, alleging Seeber has “been intoxicated virtually every waking hour for the entire life of the company.”

She also claims he spent the company’s money on racehorses and a bunch of vehicles, like a 2007 Aston Martin and a mail truck.

Brown also alleges her partner cut her off from the financial decisions, blocked her from selling her share of the business, and caused lawsuits involving racial discrimination, stealing cable, sexual harassment, and unpaid wages to be filed against the bar.

She filed a restraining order against Seeber that has stripped him of his management status, which he says ended up costing them a lot of money.

McNulty says that Brown and Seeber have agreed to let Le Bon Temps owner Joseph Bikulege run the business while they sort the mess out.

No word yet on how those kitchen repairs are going.

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