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Besh Restaurant Group Is Now Called BRG Hospitality

The name changed on the first of the year


Besh Restaurant Group, the parent company of embattled chef John Besh's restaurants, has changed its name to BRG Hospitality. A spokesperson for the group confirmed the change. “BRG is the way we always referred to it internally, but since combining all our employees into one legal entity, we created a new BRG Hospitality LLC. This officially happened on January 1st.”

On October 21, Brett Anderson published a watershed investigation into allegations of sexual harassment on the Besh Restaurant Group. The fallout from the allegations was swift. Harrah’s Casino dropped Besh’s name from its steakhouse, and PBS canceled his shows. Besh stepped down from the Besh Restaurant Group, and Shannon White was appointed to take his place.

BRG Hospitality has launched a new website and new social media pages under the new name.


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