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Krewe du Vieux Skewered John Besh at Saturday’s Parade

Take a look at photos of all the Besh-themed floats

Josh Brasted

As expected, Krewe du Vieux, the bawdy, satirical parade that kicks off the beginning of the final, intense weeks of Carnival season, bashed John Besh big time during Saturday’s parade.

The theme, Bienville’s Wet Dream, also targeted the Sewerage & Water Board, as well as others. The parade’s theme this year was chosen to go along with this year’s tricentennial of New Orleans.

In true Krewe du Vieux spirit, bad taste comes far short of describing the Besh roast. A satirical menu, first published in the krewe’s newsletter, featured items like, “See you in court bouillion”, “fresh groper with jerk sauce”, “Matzo fondle my balls soup,” and “split breasts with cream sauce.” The “menu items” were printed on a large chalk board, as well along the sides of the float.

The float itself had a giant replica of John Besh’s head complete with grotesquely fuzzy eyebrows and a chef toque covering his nether regions, under a sign that read, “The Besh is Yet to Cum.” Another food-themed Besh float was titled “Jizz Brunch with John Besh.”

The embattled BRG restaurant group (formerly Besh Restaurant Group) has been accused of fostering a culture of sexual harassment, with several allegations of sexual harassment against John Besh himself. Shortly after the Times-Picayune published its watershed report, in which 25 women alleged sexual harassment, Besh stepped down from the day-to-day operations of his restaurant. At least four of the sexual harassment allegations have been filed with the EEOC. Besh has also been deep in a legal battle over the Shaya name with Alon Shaya, with details of the inner workings of the company being revealed in the court documents.

Krewe du Vieux is best known for its spare-no-one satire and societal critiques laid out in an adult-themed parade.

Photography of the floats appears below.

Krewe du Vieux roasted John Besh with a float titled, “The Besh is Yet to Cum.”
Josh Brasted
The satirical prix fixe menu poked fun at the sexual harassment alleged at Besh’s restaurant group
Josh Brasted
The “Jizz Brunch with John Besh” float featured a woman with blood on her fork and knife
Josh Brasted
The bigger floats weren’t the only ones roasting Besh. Rolling carts targeted him too.
Josh Brasted


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