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Krewe du Vieux Will Probably Roast John Besh During Saturday’s Parade

Things are going to get bawdy

Krewe du Vieux Parade 2014: 'Where the Vile Things Are' Photo by Julie Dermansky/Corbis via Getty Images

It looks like bawdy and satirical Mardi Gras group Krewe du Vieux plans to roast the hell out of embattled celebrity chef John Besh during its parade on Saturday night.

Though the actual floats and their themes will not be revealed until the parade on Saturday night, NOLA.COM reporter Doug McCash picked up on a satirical menu graphic in the krewe’s newspaper that makes it clear that Besh, who has been implicated in more than 25 cases of alleged sexual harassment within his restaurant group, is a target. The menu illustration was printed alongside a story called, Seeds of Decline Explore 300 Years of Bad Behavior.

In typical Krewe du Vieux form, the menu is about as raunchy as it gets. Titled “The Besh is Yet to Come”, it pokes fun at various sexual harassment incidents alleged within the restaurant group with menu items like, “See you in court bouillion”, “fresh groper with jerk sauce”, “Matzo fondle my balls soup,” and “split breasts with cream sauce.” The full graphic appears in the krewe’s newspaper, on page 3.

The embattled BRG restaurant group (formerly Besh Restaurant Group) has been accused of fostering a culture of sexual harassment, with several allegations of sexual harassment against John Besh himself. Shortly after the Times-Picayune published its watershed report, in which 25 women alleged sexual harassment, Besh stepped down from the day-to-day operations of his restaurant. At least four of the sexual harassment allegations have been filed with the EEOC. Besh has also been deep in a legal battle over the Shaya name with Alon Shaya, with details of the inner workings of the company being revealed in the court documents.

Krewe du Vieux is a New Orleans Mardi Gras krewe known for its adult themes, irreverent, spare-no-one satire, and commitment to showcasing live music in the parade. Founded in 1987, it’s also the only parade allowed to roll through the French Quarter. Krewe du Vieux rolls this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. in the Marigny. The full route can be found here.


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