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The Original Fiorella’s Named Best Fried Chicken at Festival

Plus more news to know today


AWARDS — The Fried Chicken Festival served fried chicken to 166,000 people this past weekend. Top prize for the best fried chicken went to The Original Fiorella's Cafe for the second year running. [NOLA.COM]

NEWS — New Orleans chefs are worried about a decrease in the seafood abundance in Louisiana. Lee Zurik talks with chefs about overfishing. [Fox8]

NEWS — Guess what the most profitable part of Uber is. It’s Uber Eats. [EATER]

EATER IDK —Move over, Magic 8 ball: Chili's has all the answers. When a random Twitter user asked about his healthcare costs, Chili’s took the time to explain his deductible. Then a bunch of other people asked Chili’s questions and Chili’s kept on answering. [E]

NEWS — Cereal fans definitely hated General Mills attempt to eliminate artificial colors and flavors from its vibrant product Trix, so the company announced it’ll bring back the original version in October. [E]

EATER IDK —These Oktoberfest Adidas will protect your feet from beer and puke. [E]