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Saint Cecilia Finds the ‘Sweet Spot’ With Fried Pickles and Deviled Eggs

Plus, T-Fitz reviews Austin’s in Metairie

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Critic Helen Freund heads over to Saint Cecilia, the all-day dining spot across from the French Market that opened this spring. She delights in a long list of appetizers she calls the restaurant’s “sweet spot.” On it, diners can find deviled eggs with bacon, fried capers and lemon aioli, plus a the restaurant serves a killer twist on the ubiquitous pub dish — fried pickles.

“Cucumbers are pickled so they carry a fresh crunch, and the spears are panko-battered and fried. The accompanying roasted garlic and chili aioli has soft heat that doesn't overpower the pickles.”

Dinner entrees can approach fine dining prices, plus the hangar steak was charred until it leaked bitter juice. A more successful dinner option is the Creole shrimp bordelaise. The best thing is that the restaurant offers a perfect solution to dining at “unconventional hours.” Plus, it has frozen drinks and a great oyster happy hour. [GAMBIT]

Critic Tom Fitzmorris takes a jaunt to Metairie near the Kenner line, which he refers to as “Kennerie.” It’s where Austin’s restaurant still draws such crowds that reservations are a must. Importantly, T-Fitz has those Kennairie folks all figured out. “They also like finding restaurants with large loads of food on every plate, and here one is,” he says. Also, Austin’s restaurant has a menu of first-class steaks, seafood with cream sauce, and “familiar” dishes, which diners in Kenner-Metairie enjoy according to the critic.

“Austin’s could get along on the strength of its steak menu alone. They have all the familiar cuts and send them out with tenderness and flavor that rivals the beef anywhere else locally,” but it’s not perfect. Even though the restauraurant “openly admits” to sourcing some of its dishes from outside the restaurant (mostly soups and desserts), T-Fitz still thinks it’s one of the best restaurants in an area that has been overrun by chain restaurants. Other good options in the area are Cypress and Vincent’s. [CITY BUSINESS]



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St. Cecilia

91 French Market Place, New Orleans,