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Bal Masqué Just Got Much More Affordable

Tickets available now

Scenes From the Link & Strywjeski Foundation's Inaugural Bal Masque Brasted

Bal Masqué, the ritzy, masked gala that kicks off Carnival season and supports the endeavors of the Link Stryjewski Foundation just announced ticket prices that make the whole affair a lot more affordable. In past years, basic tickets ran around $1000. This year’s basic gala ticket is $300.

Oh, you’re a baller? Don’t worry, there are still options there too. For $1000, the ticket holder gets to go to a special dinner by Mario Batali the night before the gala, and gets treated like a VIP at Bal Masqué.

This year’s event features the Mario Batali dinner at Calacasieu on January 19 and the Bal Masqué at a new home in the Sugar Mill on January 20. The music line-up for the gala features RAM (A Haitian band), Lost Bayou Ramblers, and Cha Wa. Trixie Minx and the Merry Antoinettes Mardi Gras krewe will also entertain. Menus have not been released yet.

The Link Stryjewski Foundation was created to address the persistent cycle of violence and poverty, as well as the lack of quality education and job training opportunities available to young people in New Orleans. It provides support to organizations that directly work to end the cycles of violence and poverty that affect the lives of New Orleans children.


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