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Chef Carl Schaubhut of DTB is Ochsner’s New Eat Fit Chef Ambassador

He felt personally connected to the program through his battle with cancer

DTB chef and owner, Carl Schaubhut
Max Cusimano

DTB’s chef and owner Carl Schaubhut has been named Chef Ambassador of Ochsner’s Eat Fit program, a healthy eating restaurant initiative launched by Molly Kimball, registered dietitian with Ochsner Fitness Center, in 2013 to encourage chefs to offer nutritious, delicious meals for those who want to eat clean, watch their weight, and manage diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. Many New Orleansrestaurant menus have a little Eat Fit seal next to menu items that fit the parameters of the program, and there’s an app to help diners make healthy dining choices.

Schaubhut felt personally connected with this program through his battle with cancer, spending two days a week over the past three years at Ochsner Medical Center receiving treatment.

“From the oncologists to nurses to physician assistants and dietitians, it’s just an incredible place to have in our backyard. They have become my second family,” says Schaubhut. “The cool part about this partnership is that it happened very organically. As a chef, I worked with Molly Kimball, Registered Dietician and Lifestyle Nutritionist, through Ochsner’s Eat Fit NOLA program, and shortly after that, I was diagnosed with cancer. I reached out to Molly to help with nutrition –- who else better to assist as a resource for the fight of my life? A lot of things needed to change -– and it’s not a temporary thing; this has been a lifestyle change for me.”

Along with the team from DTB, he’ll be promoting and participating in the annual Eat Fit Dine Out on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.



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