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Blue Frog Chocolates Calls it Quits

It’s closing 17 years after it opened on Magazine St


It’s a bittersweet closing for Blue Frog Chocolates owners Ann and Rick Streiffer, who announced on the Blue Frog Facebook page that August 31 would be the last day of business for the chocolate and candy shop. After 17 years in business, the owners felt it was “time to move on” due to their age and that they have grandchildren all over the country, according to a closing report by Ann Maloney.

The Streiffers left the medical business almost two decades ago to open the candy and chocolate shop in a nearly century old cottage on Magazine Street. At the time, New Orleans had nothing else like it. Over the years, the charming store became a go-to destination for wedding favors, Easter candy, edible Mardi Gras masks, and the namesake chocolate frogs.

Shortly after hanging the sign outside the store announcing the closing, a customer was already there to stock her freezer. Everything in the store and the fixtures will be available at a deep discount, according to the Facebook announcement.