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Tom Benson Handed Out Six-Packs of Dixie Beer at His 90th Birthday Party

Haydel’s took care of the cake

Gayle and Tom Benson enjoy Dixie at Parkway Tavern

Tom Benson’s ritzy 90th birthday party went down on Saturday at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The man behind the return of Dixie Beer to New Orleans celebrated with not one, but three, birthday cakes from Haydel’s Bakery. The cakes were designed to look like the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Smoothie King Center, and Benson Tower. Pigeon Catering took care of the rest of the food, while guests took home six-packs of Dixie Beer as party favors. The brewery marked its 110th anniversary this year, making it 20 when baby Benson was born. Take a look at photos and abridged guest list from the party here. [NOLA.COM]

Meanwhile, down the road in Baton Rouge, wise-cracking former Louisiana governor, felon, and reality TV personality (briefly), Edwin Edwards celebrated his 90th birthday at the Renaissance Hotel with a soiree that ran guests a cool $250 a ticket. John Bel Edwards was in attendance, and the Advocate was listed as a sponsor. For those comparing, his one cake came with three tiers. [ADVOCATE]