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Altamura Italian Restaurant Turns Out the Lights

It was open a little less than a year


Altamura, the high-end Italian-American restaurant from Jack Petronella of Manhattan Jack’s that opened a little over a year ago, is closing its doors. The restaurant opened in the 1800s-era Magnolia Mansion in August 2016.

The announcement was made via Facebook.

It is with great sadness that we let you all know that we are closing the doors of Altamura. Thank you, New Orleans for your support - and for all of the great staff we had the pleasure of encountering. Chef Coleman and owner Jack Petronella will be focusing their attentions on other projects moving forward.

According to a report by Todd Price, Petronella “created Altamura on Prytania Street as a tribute to the restaurants where he grew up eating” in New York. The restaurant was a destination for al fresco dining and osso bucco.



2717 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 265-8101