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Restaurant August’s Todd Pulsinelli Takes Over Turkey and the Wolf TONIGHT

White Castle inspired shrimp rings and braised oxtail tator tots are on the menu

Todd Pulsinelli

Todd Pulsinelli, executive chef at John Besh’s Restaurant August, drops into idiosyncratic sandwich joint, Turkey and the Wolf, tonight for the Pulsinelli Deli Summer Social Pop Up starting at 5 p.m. He’ll be slinging summer finger foods while the Turkey and the Wolf folks pour the drinks.

Pulsinelli has known Turkey and the Wolf’s Mason Hereford for six years. About six months ago, the two started talking about this pop up. “I used to be the chef at the American Sector and we’d run a hot dog on the menu. It was house-made and super-good. I just wanted to revisit that.”

Pulsinelli’s menu includes shrimp rings that found their inspiration in the chicken rings from White Castle. He’s stuffing tator tots with braised oxtails. He’s cutting to the most enjoyable part of eating ribs by removing all the bones from a rack of ribs and rolling them up into one big boneless rib. He’s serving a Wagyu beef hot dog with crab fat coleslaw and vinegar chips that might make some recall the incredible hot dog the American Sector served under his leadership there. This one is made from Wagyu beef scraps from Restaurant August.

Also of note: Pulsinelli makes rap music for fun. He’ll be “shamelessly promoting” his new album, coming out in August, by wearing a T-shirt with the album cover on it at the pop up.

The event is first come, first served from 5 p.m. until they sell out.

Shrimp rings for the pop up
Todd Pulsinelli


Turkey & the Wolf

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