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Go Eat Some Empanadas at St. Roch Market

Empanola opened at St. Roch Market on July 3

A new food stall, Empanola, is bringing empanadas to St. Roch Market, reports Todd Price. Wife and husband team Jimena Urratia and Marcelo García began bringing the empanadas of their respective homelands, Argentina and Chile, to the fancy food hall on July 3.

Empanadas aren’t a far stretch from the ubiquitous meat pies emblematic of New Orleans’ Spanish heritage. The meat pies are the descendent of the Spanish empanada. According to Price, the fillings in these empanadas are much different though. They range from expected (ham and cheese) to fillings that reflect their adopted home (gumbo, crawfish étouffée, and spinach and artichoke). Salmon, leeks, and lime fill one version of their empanadas while ratatouille fills another. According to Price, more traditional empanadas will be added to the menu soon. The pair will also sell fruit-filled danishes and salads.

Recently, the owners of Fritai NOLA, another St. Roch Market food stall blending flavors of Haiti with flavors of New Orleans, were honored as as 2017 Eater Young Guns. [NOLA.COM]


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