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Truck Crashes Into Mid City Pizza Uptown

No one was hurt and the restaurant is open

A truck drove into MCP uptown. Sorry we'll be closed for the time being. Everyone is ok

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A Ford, extended-cab pick-up truck spun out of control on Tuesday, hitting a pole and propelling a bench through the window of MCP Uptown, the newly opened pizza restaurant on Claiborne Avenue.

According to a report published by NOLA.COM, “Owner Rand Owens said by phone Wednesday that he was training an employee around 5:22 p.m. Tuesday when the accident occurred.” A front window was shattered, inspiring the restaurant to joke that there is a new meaning to “drive-thru” window. The restaurant closed for business on Tuesday following the accident.

Not to be kept down long, MCP Uptown opened again today with a note on its Instagram account that said, “Our uptown location is back open!!!! Nothing a pizza box and some duck tape can't fix. Order a pizza from us today, we need money the dude didn't have insurance :/ 504-509-6224”

MCP Uptown opened just over a month ago in the former location of Naked Pizza.


Take a Look Inside the New Mid City Pizza Uptown [ENOLA]

MCP Uptown

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