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A Two-Story Sports Bar May Be Coming to Carrollton Ave

The building would be over 4,000 square feet

The gas station on Carrollton Ave

New Orleans city planners have approved the plans for a “a two-story bar with an outdoor seating area to replace a derelict gas station,” reports the Advocate. The sports bar would be called Eve's Garden Sports & Spirits.

Evelyn Freiberg bought the property at 200 South Carrollton Avenue (at the corner of Oleander Street about a block off Earhart Boulevard) in Gert Town for $200,000 in early March.

Initially, Freiberg and her husband were also considering a chain coffee shop with a drive-through window for the location, which is in “a largely commercial corridor, with several fast-food restaurants nearby.”

The planned bar would be in a 4,128 square foot building (the old gas station is in pretty bad shape and the Freibergs hope to demolish it), with a bar, seating, restrooms, and storage on the first floor. Another bar and a private event space would occupy he second floor. There would be an outdoor patio on the front of the building.

Construction is planned to begin in late August. If approved, the bar would aim to open by the end of 2017. [ADVOCATE]