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Three Muses Maple Has Closed

Maple Street loses its music venue

Paul Broussard

Sad news — Three Muses Maple, the Uptown/University area outpost of the popular Frenchman Street nightclub and restaurant, has closed its doors. Its last night of service was Wednesday, May 31. Ian McNulty reports that the restaurant didn’t think it could make it through the New Orleans summer doldrums.

Three Muses closed the same night that The Irish House and Oxalis closed, making it the most recent in a line of restaurant closures in New Orleans. The Maple Street version of the restaurant and club was meant to be more locals and family-friendly. For a while, the restaurant tried to offer weekend brunch but was never able to pick up enough steam to carry it on regularly.

According to McNulty,

One concern was how efforts that might have kept the Maple Street expansion afloat would impact the Frenchmen Street original, he explained. Staff at Three Muses Maple were given notice of the closing plans in advance in order to prepare their own next moves, [Daniel Esses] said.

At the time of the opening, co-owner and executive chef Daniel Esses told The Advocate that that “Three Muses' partners are planning to expand beyond New Orleans, setting their sites on ‘cities with their own strong music scenes’.” Eater has reached out for comment on whether expansion plans are still in the cards and will update as necessary. [NOLA.COM]


Three Muses Maple

7537 Maple st, New Orleans, LA (504) 510-2749