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Mid City’s Melt May Get a Rooftop Patio

It would seat 35 people if approved


Melt, a gourmet grilled cheese shop in Mid City, is growing up — literally. The restaurant has filed to build a rooftop patio that can hold 35 people. No one has voiced opposition to the project, according to a report from the Mid City Messenger.

The rooftop patio has always been part of the plan, though. When Melt opened in October of 2016 on Banks Street, the the restaurant already planned to have a roof top deck and courtyard dining by 2017. Originally it was planned that the patio would hold 75-100 diners, but that number has been scaled back to 35.

Before construction can begin, the restaurant’s lot must be rezoned. The Tulane Canal Neighborhood Association has shown support for the expansion, according to the report.

Melt, which sources many of its cheeses from St. James Cheese Company, is a project from Barcadia partner Miles Tully Jr. [Mid City Messenger]



2549 Banks St, New Orleans, LA 70119