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Banana Blossom Moves to a New Home in Downtown Gretna

The new location of the Thai hot spot will open in October

Gretna Thai gem Banana Blossom (2112 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna) is moving to a new location in an old corner store, just two miles away from its current home in October, reports Ian McNulty. The new space, located at at 500 Ninth Street, is projected to open for business in October. The current location won’t close until the new spot is ready.

Owner Jimmy Cho opened Banana Blossom in a small space in a strip shopping center 2009. Its new home will have twice the amount of space, a “semi-open kitchen, a screened patio, and a dedicated bar for drinks and dining (at Banana Blossom today, a fridge in the dining room with bottles stacked on top serves as the bar).” Construction is already underway at the new space.

Moving only a couple miles away keeps the work close to where Cho lives and allows him to keep serving the community that has supported the restaurant since it opened.

Banana Blossom is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday.

Banana Blossom Thai Cafe

500 Ninth Street, Gretna, la