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Take a First Look at MCP Uptown, a New Pizza Spot on Claiborne

It’s the second location for Mid City Pizza

The second location of pizza hot spot Mid City Pizza (6307 S. Miro St., New Orleans) opens this Monday, May 1 under the name MCP Uptown to avoid the obvious confusion that would come if the name stayed the same. The new pizza place has moved into the building that was formerly Naked Pizza, filling a serious pizza void in the university area.

The new spot has a similar aesthetic as the first location, which owner Rand Owens describes as "‘the teenage mutant ninja turtle’ pizza vibe.” Brightly graffiti murals are now brightening up Claiborne Avenue. Owens’ friend, visual artist Fat Kids From Outer Space, tackled all the murals at the Uptown location. Artist, Mr. Balloon Hands, also contributed to the murals.

The menu at MCP Uptown will be the same as the one at Mid City Pizza, but the new location will focus on take-out and delivery. MCP Uptown will be throwing a big party with Crescent City Comics on May 5 in celebration of the new store and Free Comic Book Day.

MCP Uptown

6307 S. Miro St. , New Orleans, Visit Website