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Hansen’s Beat Starbucks at the Unicorn Game a Long Time Ago

The Creambow snoball was the OG magical drink

Wiley making a gallon-sized Creambow snoball

The Unicorn Frappuccino’s days are over and Hansen’s Sno-Bliz is quietly reminding the people of Instagram that it doesn’t really matter because Hansen’s has been delighting everyone with the Creambow since “back in the day.” The Unicorn Frappuccino pranced into Starbucks around April 17 as a limited edition Frappuccino that ended its residency at Starbucks this past Sunday. Social media went nuts over it, baristas had meltdowns over it, and many Starbucks locations ran out of the ingredients to make it even before Sunday. Hansen’s reminded New Orleanians that an otherworldly, rainbow treat is available at the snoball shop, so everyone is going to be okay.

The Creambow snoball combines ream of blueberry, cream of ice cream, and cream of strawberry over a veritable cloud of shaved ice. If you’re really feeling it, fill that dream of a dessert up with condensed milk, available for the asking.

Here’s another reason that it does’t matter that the Unicorn Frapp has flown back to its candy-colored cloud city: It still exists in the only place that it ever really mattered, Instagram. The Unicorn really didn’t taste that good according to many, many sources. Anthony Bourdain called it “the perfect nexus of awfulness.” Steven Colbert took a swig and immediately declared, “Oh, I wish I was dead.” Hansen’s Creambow, on the other hand, tastes awesome.

Hansen's Sno-Bliz

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