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State Lawmakers Are Not Big on University-Affiliated Brews

A new bill is putting brewery-university partnerships under fire

Tin Roof Brewing Co./Twitter

Bayou Bengal Lager and Ragin’ Cajun Beer could be no more if one Louisiana state lawmaker has his way, reports The Advocate. House Bill 610, introduced by Democratic Representative Cedric Glover, would forbid the licensing of name or likeness of a university in association with an alcoholic beverage.

Glover explained that he is opposed to the university-licensed beers for “health reasons, for moral reasons, for religious reasons.”

It’s worth noting that while the drinking age in Louisiana is 21 — an age that most college students haven’t yet reached. Glover says that licensing a beer when most of the population can’t drink sends a rather conflicting message.

On the other side of the coin, university officials say that these licensing deals provide the schools with much needed funds. For example, 15% of of sales from the Bayou Bengal Lager goes to LSU.

LSU President F. King Alexander had a different explanation for why state rep. Glover isn’t a fan of the licensing deals: “It’s nonsense. Glover likes to throw stones,” he said. “He’s never been a fan of LSU.”