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N. Carrollton Spot Loses Little Tokyo, Keeps the Sushi

‘Twas a quiet closing and opening for the spot

Ikura Hibachi and Sushi/Facebook

Talk about a nearly silent switcheroo.

Local mini sushi restaurant chain Little Tokyo quietly closed its Mid-City location last month. The restaurant now operating at the 310 N. Carrollton Avenue spot is called Ikura Hibachi and Sushi — serving much of the same dishes at Little Tokyo did before, reports Gambit.

The new part-owner manager Indra Soeseno told Gambit that while many dishes are staying the same, they did add new stuff — dishes from around the Asian continent, to give more options to diners (think pork and chicken katsu (Japan), bulgolgi (Korea), chicken satay (Thailand.)) There is also ramen with tonkotsu-style broth and add-ons like pork ribs, buttered corn and melted cheese among plenty of others. And Ikura, as the name suggests, has hibachi tables, five of which were added when the new owner took over last month.

Little Tokyo opened at N. Carrollton in 2008, and has locations elsewhere in the state, including Metairie.