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Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen’s Short Restaurant Life Comes to an End

Assets are being seized, as well

Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen/Facebook

Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen — which opened in May 2015 — has closed, reports Not only that, there was a sheriff’s notice posted on the door on Thursday, April 6, saying that the assets had been seized by the landlord of the Warehouse District building.

This notice was dated February 23 and stated that the owner of the building at 748 Camp St. could seize assets — not just furniture and equipment, but food, alcohol and even cash — to pay for rent or damages.

Rebellion Bar & Union Kitchen was the idea of Seung Hong, a restaurant newbie, who had spent much of his professional life in politics — including serving as councilwoman Shelly Midura’s chief of staff. Rebellion had a fusion vibe, owed to the fact that Hong’s parents, from Korea, moved to Brazil before ending up in America; the menu featured items like fries with bonito flakes and nori, and empanadas with kimchi. points out that the restaurant wasn’t used to being drama-free — last May model/actress Ruby Rose was tossed out of the restaurant after tossing fries at staff members.

Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen

748 Camp St, New Orleans, LA (504) 298-7317