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Nathan Richard is IN at Cavan

Ben Thibodeaux steps away for other career opportunities.

Inside the main dining room at Cavan
Josh Brasted

More changes for Cavan are on the horizon. Just over a year in, the sexy, laid back American coastal hot spot is getting a new chef. LeBlanc + Smith announced that Nathan Richard will take Ben Thibodeaux’s place as executive chef.

Most recently, the Thibodeaux native was executive chef at Kingfish, where he was celebrated for his approach to Cajun flavors. He’s also been involved with Bombay Club as executive chef, Commander’s Palace, Cochon Lafayette, and Restaurant R’Evolution.

According to the press release, Richard says, “Guests to Cavan can expect new dishes inspired by the southern U.S., including an elevated charcuterie and whole butchering programs.” While working at Restaurant Revolution, Richard made all the charcuterie.

Cavan opened in February 2016 under Chef Kristen Essig, who left early on to move to Coquette. Ben Thibodeaux, sous chef at that time, stepped up as executive chef, rocking the restaurant’s approach to seasonal cooking. Thibodeaux its stepping down for other career opportunities and to spend more time with family.

In addition to Cavan, LeBlanc + Smith is the dream team behind Sylvain, Barrel Proof, and Meauxbar.


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