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5 Chefs To Follow on Instagram

Spice up your social feed with these local Instafeeds


Nathan Richard

Nathan Richard, who recently took the helm at Cavan, snaps photos of what’s coming out of the kitchen that day, with some shots of where ingredients are coming from in there as well. Follow him to keep up with what's happening on the menu at Cavan, where he’s sourcing his crawfish, and things that just make him smile.


Joy the Baker

Photographer and cookbook author Joy Wilson lives and works in the French Quarter when she isn’t traveling around on cookbook tour. Expect lots of truly lovely food photos, pretty pics from around New Orleans, as well as shots from her travels.


Nina Compton

The Instagram feed of Compere Lapin’s Nina Compton is all about color. It is an enchanting array of food photos, both from Compere Lapin and from places she’s been eating, as well as photos that capture the color and vibrancy of her adopted city.


John Besh

Chef and restaurateur John Besh shines the spotlight on all of his restaurants in his Insta-feed, but the most fun photos are the ones of his home-cooked meals.


Michael Gulotta

The chef behind Maypop, Tana, and Mopho throws photos from all his restaurants up on his feed, making it a great way to stay in the loop on what he has going on. Also endearing are the frequent pics of his kids cooking or shopping for ingredients with their chef/dad.